Are your photos as stunning as your Facebook and Instagram friends tell you they are?
Are you sure?
Let's be real for a moment... Just because you are getting a bunch of 'likes' and smiley-face emoji comments when you post a photo on social media doesn't mean that National Geographic or Rolling Stone Magazine will be knocking on your door any time soon. Trust me, the same applies to many professional photographers. 
Your friends and family are not going to tell you that your photos suck, or where you need to improve. 
If you are serious about your photography and your creative development, then why not invest in an assessment of your work by a seasoned pro? 
(That would be me!)
Introducing an all-new service from DSP -- Virtual Critiques!
How does it work, you ask? There are two options:
1. DEEP DIVE CRITIQUE (25 images): You send me 25 image files to be critiqued. Within a few days, I'll send you a private 20- to 30-minute recorded video assessment (along with audio, of course) of the images -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I can also have a look at your website and/or your social media sites as part of the review.
DEEP DIVE FEE: Only $95 (2021 Launch Fee) 
WINTER OFFER: Same service for only $75 through March 20, 2021.
2. MINI CRITIQUE (10 images): Similar to the Deep Dive, but abbreviated to only 10 images (no website or social media) resulting in a brief video critique of about ten to 15 minutes.
MINI FEE: Only $55 (2021 Launch Fee)
WINTER OFFER: Same service for only $40 through March 20, 2021.
RESULTS: Whether you opt for the Mini Critique, or the more-detailed Deep Dive Critique, such objective, genuine, honest feedback will enable you to take your photography to another level, as I help you identify the areas where you can improve (e.g., composition), while also making note of your strengths. 
This isn't about knocking you down. It's about building you up, and ultimately inspiring you to become a more-competent and creative photographer and artist.

For a nominal investment, you feel more confident in your photography skills and capabilities, and you also know that all of the social media likes are genuine!
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